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Inclusive business planning

Design for the market.

"The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions."

— Sir Anthony Jay, Co-writer of the "Yes Minister" British comedy series.

Product design in developing country markets, is all about tailoring goods and services to be affordable, easily accessible, easy to use, rewarding, robust and reliable for the BoP consumer, while delivering ROI to the enterprise.

Tailored solutions
Designing for the BoP requires one quality above all others, and that is innovation. Addressing market constraints while maintaining affordability requires innovative strategies in product design, fabrication and/or service delivery. Knowing consumer behaviors helps us tailor products for real world applications, while addressing constraints helps us make products more accessible, as well more appropriate.

Innovative pricing solutions, micro payment plans and tailored features sets, along with fabrication innovations all help make the products more affordable.

Leveraging experience
Access BoP has principals and consultants with a proven history of applying innovation to product and solutions designed for the Bop. Our team has designed and implemented products as entrepreneurs and in their diverse careers within the energy, telecommunications and ICT sectors, and many of those products were designed specifically for Bop consumers. Supporting our technological expertise is a very strong skill set in product launching, industrial design, branding an packaging, as well as BoP marketing.

Drawing on our global network of technologies suppliers, engineers and scientists, Access BoP is able to quickly bring the right product, based on the right technologies to highly specialized Bop markets.