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Inclusive business planning

Local empowerment; viral proliferation

Micro Franchise Design

Franchising is one of the most powerful business networking strategies available, and has three critical benefits:

» Rapid penetration of rural territories through viral expansion, by franchisees who are close to their customers geographically, and who come from the same communities.

» Risk and cost mitigation, through laying off sales activities, distribution costs and micro payment collection costs/risks to the franchisee. Franchisors can thus erase cost and risk items from their bottom line. Franchises can be on a contingency basis (franchisee carries no inventory costs, which are borne by the franchisor, or a reseller basis, where franchisees carry the burden of financing inventory to on-sell. Access BoP promotes contingency based franchising, with a revenue sharing system.

» Increased consumerism, through franchisee earnings being spent in local, rural communities and by franchisees becoming local employers in their own right. Empowered communities make for better customer bases and nothing empowers a rural BoP community quite local industry prosperity with the local spending employment it generates.

Social entrepreneurship:
Increasing consumerism is the fastest route to improving rural customer bases, and empowering workforces, customers and trading partners yields long term ROI. With the right strategies, these initiatives can transform lives and be profitable for the sponsors.

Access BoP has experience designing the following types of initiatives:

» Technology skills workshops, sponsored by large employers, yielding a better trained workforce.

» Web, Internet and computer skills programs, sponsored by local and global ICT firms, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) telecommunications carriers and mobile voice operators (MVOs). These programs yield a better-informed customer base, creates loyal customers and empowers the workforce, as well as impacting consumerism in general from the increased employability and income potential of target communities.

» Micro business stimulation programs (other than micro franchising), sponsored by local enterprise and global development partners, yield empowered trading partners and suppliers, networks of financial services consumers and increased consumerism.

» Women's empowerment initiatives, sponsored by local enterprise and the global development community (many organization shave a specific mandate for women’s empowerment). These initiatives yield powerful, cohesive networks of trading partners and financial services customers for enterprise sponsors, while unlocking the potential of the most underserved segment of the BoP.

Partner network
Access BoP is assembling an extensive network of micro franchise partners, including organizations that specialize in technology empowerment, micro-business mentoring, and micro finance. Typically we try and also partner with local financial institutions and NGOs as well as local offices within the UN System, such as UNDP, IFC, UNICEF and WHO.