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Inclusive business planning

Knowledge applied; assumptions challenged

"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. "

– Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister and consultant to Queen Victoria (1804 -1881)

AccessBoP specializes in Latin American and South Asian Markets. We work with UN Data and World Knowledge Resources, as well as many global development databases and several larding research and analytics (Market MIX, Forester, Jupiter, Pyramid, Gartner, Frost and Sullivanetc.) to source up to the minute technologies, trends and market data. Our principals have decades of market analysis and modeling experience, so deriving critical information, beyond basic demographics, such as customer share of knowledge, consumer behavior drivers an customer persona models is second nature to us. Also, obviously we focus on the competitive landscape, working closely with foreign marketing partners and industry associations to build an accurate picture of the competitive matrix.

Access BoP designs its own surveys, focus groups and pilot projects to gather added, direct market information, an has ties with survey and focus group execution companies worldwide. Ultimately the numbers always need a qualitative interpretation, which is where hands-on experience in BoP markets around the world makes the difference between guesswork and informed analysis.

To really know your market you have to get out, personally and spend time with the rural BoP customer, at their workplaces, in their homes and marketplaces, at the places of worship, celebration an socializing and in their schools. Access BoP's principals have lived and done business in each of our target regions and we always go straight to the source –the rural village, when we compile a market research report. The drivers and aspirations and the challenges and constraints of BoP segments in Latin America and the Caribbean, are very different from those in Sri Lanka, India or Bangladesh. And economies in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are different enough in rural villagers to render a successful strategy from on elation, very risky in another.

That is why our brand strategy services are always coupled tightly with accurate, product and sector-specific market research, in the field.

While, not every BoP project is a consumer business, and AccessBoP consults of municipal installations and utilities projects also, our prime marketing services are focused on the BoP customer, and our specialization is the rural BoP customer.

Better market, technology and consumer information leads directly to better product development and marketing strategies.