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Relationship brokering

Matching strength with strength.

Joint Ventures:

Innovative business building makes for strange bedfellows. Multinational financial institutions are now partnering humanitarian organizations, technology vendors are joining forces with local enterprises and rural community leaders are forming trading partnerships with utilities providers.

Some of the innovative JV models that Access BoP promotes include:

» Local technology entrepreneur with foreign enterprise: The foreign partner gains access to new markets with which the local partner is familiar, often with products tailored to meet specific BoP market needs.

The local partner gains access to rapid scaling from foreign capital injection, instant business infrastructure and manufacturing expertise.

» Local enterprise with global technology vendors: The local enterprise gets a running start on setting up local manufacturing, or gains a venture partner in a technology driven venture. The Global technology partners agin a foothold in a new market or revenues from local activities, plus a showcase for future sales of their solution sin that marketplace.

» Local enterprise with global development community: The local enterprise gains a global forum of high PR/IR value, access to key actors on the international stage, access to diverse sources of funding, subsidies and cost sharing, participation in various industry and sector incentive programs, technological expertise and sometimes hands on technology and training assistance, as well as a vast network of global partners.

The development partner gains access to enterprise resources with which it can can apply an ROI model to Millennium Development Goal and Inclusive Market stimulation initiatives.

BoP markets are stimulated, consumers lives can be transformed and a new generation of better educated, healthier, more prosperous loyal consumers is empowered.