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Green technologies: Sustainable ROI

AccessBoP is committed to sustainability. We have team members and consultants who have been active experts (in BoP markets) in the following fields:

» Solar Power
Innovations in solar thermal power, concentrator technologies and the drive away from silicon, are taking solar power generation in new directions. Affordability is fast approaching levels where medium sized (1 - 5MW) industrial solutions are viable for BoP markets. Access BoP is investigating hybrid solutions for off-grid solar power supply, and w era exploring tun film solutions for applications such as solar home supply an solar streetlamps

Access BoP principal, Doug Lockyer, has been working over the last two years with solar home supply technologies, solving some of the affordability issues that constrain South Asian, African and Latin BoP markets. Sourcing outside the NGO networks (which have their own constraints), in search of lower cost components, he has assembled a network of committed engineers and vendors. Lead consultants in the Access BoP network have over 20 yrs experience, designing industrial and commercial systems of all scales for BoP markets in Asia, Africa,Latin America and the Middle East.

» Wind power
One wind turbine can produce up to 3 MW of power, even in modest wind conditions. There are several leading players that have dominated the wind power sector over recent years, but more and more we are seeing emergent technologies and new approaches from innovators and smaller enterprises. Access BoP has its finger on the pulse of this industry, and is currently talking to patent holders in the US and China who are developing cutting edge solutions for offshore and mainland power farms, as well as standalone industrial solutions.

» Biogas
Senior Access BoP consultants have their own networks. One field in which we have man extended network of vendors and integrators is biogas power generation. We have access to proven solutions and the teams that designed them in US and China.

» Water purification
For many years the standard in water purification has been reverse osmosis, or RO. RO solutions, which forces unimproved (grey) water through micro-pore membranes at very high pressure are at the core of every developed nation's municipal water treatment systems.

RO technologies, however, present three very critical problems for developing country applications:

  1. They require a massive power supply, to force water at very high pressures through the highly resistant membrane filters.
  2. They are inefficient, yielding only 30 to 40 Liters of clean water for every 100 liters processed (30-40% efficiency), which leaves 70 liters of potentially hazardous waste sludge, which requires further treatment. In developed countries, which have sophisticated waste treatment infrastructures this is less problematic, but in developing countries this sludge is most  likely going to be pumped back into the water system.
  3. They are expensive to run and maintain, because buildup on the filters requires regular back-washing, manual cleaning and eventually filter cartridge replacement. This is especially true where turbidity is high.

» Recycling
AccessBoP is also designing innovative recycling programs that cerate rural micro industry, as well as exploring biofuel manufacturing initiatives and biodegradable bottling solutions.