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UJet WiMax telecommunications: UJet is a Greenfield WiMax venture based out of the Netherlands, with initial markets in the Dominican Republic, Chile and Brazil with emergent market opportunities in South East Asia. The company holds a spectrum license in the Dominican Republic, with options on WiMax spectrum in other target countries. Focused primarily on the rural BoP market, the company has adopted innovative inclusive market strategies to solve rural sales and distribution and micro payment processing.

AccessBoP has provided strategic, inclusive market business planning, market research and analysis, advanced customer profiling and modeling and has designed several development and stimulation programs to help UJet unlock the potential in their under served BoP market.

UJet has plans to partner with various vendor-sponsored development agencies, as well as global development organizations to:

» Foster increased consumerism by promoting communications-powered micro-business.

» Promote Internet and computer skills with free training programs.

» Impact youth employability with web-delivered work skills programs.

» Partner with rural micro entrepreneurs in franchises and community-based sales and support networks.

» Promote women’s empowerment with rural women’s telecom business initiatives.

UJet is currently in mid-round financing stage, having raised several million Euros already and has plans to be operational within 24 months.

Access BoP has designed several empowerment, technology stimulation and innovative BoP community channel programs to include the rural poor across the entire UJet enterprise.

Access BoP/UJet RED program

Create rural entrepreneurs, build customer advocates

UJet is a startup WiMax operator, offering voice, broadband Internet and video services and targeting rural BoP markets in developing countries worldwide. This program was developed by Access BoP principals, acting as consultants to UJet prior to the formation of Access BoP. Currently UJet is still seeking funding, and only when fully funded will the RED program be rolled out.

The rural entrepreneur development (RED) program is a example of an inclusive business model, where social investment yields long term benefits, not only for the community, but for the sponsoring enterprises. 

The program offers micro-business scholarships to candidates who submit business plans to UJet sales offices. (Dominican Republic has a very high literacy rate). Successful candidates receive web-based mentoring in Internet skills, business management skills and marketing skills, as well as gaining access to a network of trading partners, empowered by UJet's employer and buyer networks.

» Certain candidates may be offered a free UJet dealership franchise.

» All graduates are offered subsidized laptops and mobile phones.

» Successful graduates are offered micro financing to help them start their business.

The major goals of this program are to:

  1. Present life-changing opportunities to would-be entrepreneurs from rural BoP communities by giving them access to:
    • Education, training, and business mentoring
    • Communications technologies and resources
    • Microcredit and microfinance for salaries, inventory and equipment
    • Trading partnerships and supply chain inclusion opportunities
  2. Stimulate rural economies at the village level by promoting entrepreneurialism, supply chain inclusion, employment and trade
  3. Stimulate rural information and telecommunications consumerism, and create a growing network of committed, lifetime UJet customers and advocates among the most critical sector of the rural BOP market: the micro entrepreneur and micro business manager 
The core benefits to UJet are:

» a growing network of better educated, more prosperous customers, using a range UJet services to run their micro enterprises.

» creation of an advocates network, recommending UJet service to their friends and family, and encouraging the proliferation of the UJet network calling plans, which reward participation with free within-network calling.

» viral proliferation of the brand and services, as rural communities adopt the program and news of opportunities spreads via informal channels. Every candidate in this program becomes the nucleus of another family UJet communications network.

For details on these programs an the global partnerships assembled to enable them, contact Doug Lockyer or Paul Coerkamp.