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Access Microsolar: South East Asia and Latin America.

This is a renewable energies and rural BoP economic stimulation venture to create a solar home supply brand, based in Bangladesh, with export potential in the South East Asian and Latin American/Caribbean regions. Nearly 70% of rural populations in many of our target markets live without access to electric power.

The Access Microsolar mission is:

» Building global partnerships to reinvent the solar home supply industry in developing countries by creating inclusive market opportunities in rural BoP communities.

» Leveraging the strengths of the poor to redefine relationships between consumers and providers, serving the underserved and creating sustainable rural industry in the process.

There are solar home supply initiatives already operating in several of our markets, providing a small solar panel (typically 40 -80 Watts), sufficient to power three light bulbs and a small TV, or electric fan. Almost exclusively, these ventures are run by NGOs and are tied to micro loans that (in worst cases) can exceed 30% interest rates.

NGOs face significant business model challenges, most notably in the hiring and management of technical staff to sell, install and service these systems.

AccessBoP and our joint venture partners, Energy Systems Bangladesh limited, with the support of a network of development community partners with expertise in micro franchising and technology empowerment, have designed an innovative micro franchising business model which will allow rapid penetration of rural markets while empowering small rural entrepreneurs and their local communities.

The venture could generate several hundred million dollars in annual revenues and provide franchise ownership for many thousands of entrepreneurs, creating tens of thousands of rural jobs and bringing electricity to as many as 8 million households within five years.

The business in late planning/early pilot phase, pending final funding.

An executive summary of the Access Microsolar business plan is available upon request, after receipt of appropriate NDAs.

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