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Passion meets opportunity.

Access BoP is a vision and relationships firm as well as a technologies research firm. The principals are all passionate entrepreneurs, deeply committed to transforming the lives of the BoP. Each has extensive strategic networks and a strong history of applying innovative strategies to address the unmet needs of BoP markets.

When entrepreneurial talent and technological expertise are combined with a passion to make a difference, the only catalyst needed to spark off a successful Inclusive Markets venture is the right opportunity and access to the required resources.

Currently Access BoP is engaged in three venture projects:

>> Village Water Africa (download the pdf presentation), a sustainable drinking water project that deploys community-owned, solar PV powered water purification plants, in rural BoP markets worldwide.The strategy leverages proven franchising principals and leverages the unique strengths of the client communities; strengths such as extensive informal reseller and viral marketing networks, massive community engagement, high micro-enterprise energy (in opportunity-starved environments) and a level of consumer demand and engagement that assures success. The first Franchise is signed up (seven more in various stages of enrollment) and the first off-grid, solar-powered, nanotech water purification plant in Africa will be installed late November, 2013.

Most water projects in Africa represent philanthropic interventions. The Village Water Africa program represents a unique and powerful, profit-model to empower communities to create jobs, generate revenues and retain profits, while addressing their local water crisis.

>> Access Micro Solar, a solar home supply offering deployed via micro franchising, initially launching in Bangladesh (mid 2011)

>>UJet WiMAX, a BoP mobile voice and Internet initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean, in 2nd stage funding, set to launch in the Dominican Republic within 18 months.