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About Us:

Nairobi Gem Exchange was founded recently to provide a direct bridge between African gem miners and regional and international buyers.

We bring Natural African Gemstones to the World through our unique concept of Mine to Market. By providing an Exchange platform to artisanal miners we ensure that miners are not exploited by Middlemen and the buyer gets the best deal.  We ensure authenticity of end product to the buyer through the mine to market concept.

Exceptional stones in stock

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Tsavorite TS034

7.4 Carat
Color: Green
Quality: AA
Clarity: VS

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Blue Sapphire SP001

3.15 Carat
Color: Blue
Quality: Superfine
Clarity: VVS

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Red Garnet RG001

10.4 Carat
Color: Red
Quality: Superfine
Clarity: VVS