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Accessing the Fortune at the Base of the Pyramid

“Inclusive Markets” is a term coined by UNDP’s Growing Inclusive Markets group (GIM).

“The GIM approach seeks to demonstrate how business can significantly contribute to human development by including the poor in the value chain as consumers, producers, business owners or employees (‘inclusive business models’).

GIM highlights portraits of successful simultaneous pursuits of revenues and social impact by private actors, from social entrepreneurs to local small and medium-sized enterprises, large domestic companies and multinational corporations, but also state-owned companies and civil society organizations.”

– UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets Report, 2009

Growing Inclusive Markets Group

» Growing Inclusive Markets Group was launched in 2006 to foster collaboration with the private sector

» Recognizes that the private sector is an untapped resource for investment and innovation to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

» Promotes transformative business models that create value by providing products and services to or sourcing from the poor.

» Promotes inclusion of the BoP across the value chain, as consumers, suppliers and vendors, trading partners, franchisees and employees

» Promotes commercially viable corporate investment in education and training, micro financing and physical infrastructure.

» Does not consider activities that are purely philanthropic or that cannot prove to be or become commercially sustainable.

Other UNDP initiatives in Inclusive Market Development (IMD) include the Business Call to Action and the UN Office for Partnerships, the World Bank and the IFC (which invests directly in late stage Inclusive business ventures). AccessBoP founder, Doug Lockyer has key relationships within each of these organizations and Access BoP has been invited to share select case studies of Inclusive Market projects in upcoming development forums.

Beyond the UN System, there are many standout development agencies, organizations funds and programs with whom Access BoP is well positioned to facilitate partnerships and engagements. Key among this group are Techno-Serve, Allianz Knowledge, the Global Programme for Output Based Aid, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Microsoft UP, Intel World Ahead, the Clinton Foundation, AIDB, ASEA, China Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID, DEF and USAID.