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Value through Innovation

Entrepreneurs; marketers; technologists

The Access BoP team is headed by a core group of principals, operating from New York and Amsterdam, supported by a global network of consultants, expert in renewable energies, water treatment and ICT technologies, plant and manufacturing integration, micro finance and micro franchising, BoP market intelligence, branding and marketing, development community liaison, venture capital and equity funding.

Founder: Doug Lockyer

20 years of social entrepreneurship, branding, product design and communications projects and technology evaluation experience, consulting for clients such as Visa USA, Verizon, Sprint, Condé Nast, SkyMall, Toyota, and other multinational brands.

VP, Marketing Strategies for Grey Direct & Digital, handling brand strategy and new business (on pitches such as BMW, Aetna and Dairy Queen).

Founder of Publicly traded company Riptide Interactive Communications (IPO NASDAQ, DGLH 2000, opening at $12).

CEO of biotech informatics company, ProteoMetrics (sold to Harvard Business Systems 2002)

A strong history of strategic relationships, M&A and venture capital deals.

Inclusive Markets design experience in Caribbean, South American and South East Asian BoP markets.

Currently consultant to UN’s OHRM (Office Of Human Resources Management) in internal communications. Working relationship with UNDP and many global development organizations, including IFC and the AIDB.

Doug interrupted a Bachelor of Science at the University Of Auckland to form his first company in 1982, at the age of 17.

Co-founder: Paul Coerkamp

Experienced manager in telecom and oil industries.

17 years of experience as Business Manager for Caribbean and Benelux, and General Manager of M&A, for Shell.

Founder of global Greenfield WiMAX initiative, UJet, focusing on developing country markets in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, holding 4G spectrum license in the Dominican Republic.

Extensive energy technologies, ICT and telecommunications technologies experience.

BoP markets and business building, P&L management experience in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Paul has an MBA from the University of Groningen, Netherlands.



The management team is supported by a global network of consultants, scientist and engineers. Details of our vendor, consultant and industry networks are available to Access BoP partners and clients. Our network includes experts in:

» telecommunications and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
Vendor-partner, consultant, engineer and technology-experts network with extensive, real-world, BoP market experience from working for or consulting to leading global brands.

» fossil fuel energy technologies, including oil, gas and coal
Consulting and vendor partner network has unparalleled expertise in innovation for developing country markets. Clean coal, gasification, heat recycling are among fields of expertise.

» renewable energy technologies, including, solar, wind, hydro and biogas
Extensive vendor and technology supplier network, supported by a lead consultant well respected by the industry, with 20+ yrs solutions experience from large and small scale installations in developing countries around the world. Vendors network (connected by personal and business relationships with the Access BoP team) include global leading manufacturers, emergent patent-holding innovators and world-class integrators.

» sustainable water purification
Most water purification solutions employed by developed countries rely on easy access to cheap electricity, and are supported by a sophisticated waste treatment infrastructure. If one attempts to apply these solutions under developing country conditions, water treatment can actually do more harm than good –creating toxic wastes, re-polluting water sources and demanding an unsustainable amount of scarce electricity. Access Bop believes the answer lies in low-pressure, renewable-energy-powered nanotechnology. Our network of cutting-edge, patent-holding partners, supported by teams of expert engineers and technicians, have among them with 30+ yrs of real-world water and bottling plant experience in BoP markets in Asia and Africa. They know how to implement for real-world conditions, where source water is scarce, power may be nonexistent, waste treatment infrastructure is unreliable and local technology education may not support effective maintenance of temperamental or complex machinery.