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New markets; new approaches

Access BoP is a new type of consulting and venture firm. Founded in 2009 by social entrepreneur and global branding strategist, Doug Lockyer, the firm's mission is to bring private sector, development and rural community partners together to create sustainable, profitable, inclusive market business ventures, which transform the lives of the BoP while delivering ROI for enterprise partners.

Consulting service focus: adding value to each venture

Our innovative strategies are backed up by field experience in BoP markets and high levels of green technologies and ICT expertise. A core capability of Access BoP is evaluating, sourcing and implementing technology projects that form part of inclusive business models in developing countries.

Access BoP offers consulting services in the following practice areas:

» Technology evaluation: evaluating and sourcing technologies and making recommendations for developing country enterprise partners

» Strategic services: market research and analysis, BoP-tailored product design ,inclusive market plans and micro franchise design

» relationship brokering: bringing together enterprise clients and technology vendors, in JV and vendor investment deals, and forming private sector partnerships with the global development community.

Sustainable technologies focus: renewable energy, clean water and communications

Access BoP evaluates, sources and implements technology projects for clients in developing countries, and designs inclusive business strategies to address market constraints and leverage the strengths of their poor in their marketplace. These strengths include informal sales and distribution networks, micro payment collection

The Access BoP team is supported by a global network of expert consultants from the renewable energy, clean water and ICT sectors. We understand sustainable technologies and we understand BoP market dynamics.

We also have relationships with many of the world's leading development and aid agencies, as well as with many standout inclusive enterprises in developing countries.

Inclusive business focus: addressing constraints and leveraging characteristics of the BoP marketplace.

We focus on markets that traditional venture firms avoid, in countries where the environment is challenging, constraints are limiting and the apparent risks are daunting – all for ventures in which the apparent returns are uncertain.

We help remove or work around constraints:

» lack of physical infrastructure (power, water, transport)

» lack of access to financial services and poverty

» lack of market information (limited formal marketing channels)

We leverage unique market characteristics

» informal sales and distribution channels

» micro-business aspirations

» largely un-targeted demand

Venture participation focus: living the partnership philosophy

Access BoP also invests in joint venture and start-up projects in developing countries (typically focusing on rural segments). Current joint ventures, in planning and early funding stages, include:

» A solar home supply initiative in South East Asia

» A low-cost WiMAX telecommunications, remittance and mobile money initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean.